Upcycling - Used Container Home Quebec

This used container home in Quebec utilised the prefabricated qualities of shipping containers for a speedy construction, while also reducing the amount of timber framing in this large 3000sq foot home.

Using resalvaged containers, saves the need for framing the building
The containers providing structural integrity, as well as walls and ceilings, and bringing savings in both the time and money required to traditionally  frame-up a house with timber.

What was destined to be waste material is turned into usable living spaces.

exterior used container home - Quebec

Exterior Used Container Home - Quebec

Image courtesy of Ottowa Citizen

The staggered structure, works over several levels and is composed of seven containers each 8 by 20 feet. The containers have been insulated and clad externally, but internally left in their raw state, so that the steel ribs are visible.

An industrial modern look was intended, but this is softened by the use of locally felled maple in stairs, walkways and as structural elements.

Stairwell of upcycled container home showing exposed container ribs and maple stairs

Stairwell Showing Exposed Containers and Maple Stairs

Image courtesy of Low Impact Living

Kitchen and dining area of container home in Quebec

Kitchen and Dining Room

Image courtesy of Low Impact Living

Being in Quebec the thermal performance of the building was important which provides the logic behind

  • Concrete floors with embedded heating – which provide some thermal mass

  • 5 inch thick exterior insulation and cladding – improving R values considerably.

Cladding on shipping container home Quebec - Maison Idekit

Image courtesy of Low Impact Living

In terms of expense, the final cost was in the range of US $175,000, which equates to $58 per square foot. Standard pricing for a new home is generally more along the price of $100 per square foot, so substantial savings are possible despite this home being multi leveled and it is large, built for a family of 8.

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