Small Modular Homes

Interested in small modular homes and those using shipping containers?

This small modular house in San Antonio is fully contained within a standard 40 foot container with some novel customizations.

Container Guest House

The unit is designed as a guest house, garden retreat or summer house, and as such opens up onto a small deck facing the garden, as well as having a rooftop garden that further enhances the green feel of the building.

The green roof also aids in improving the insulation performance of the building, by adding thermal mass and slowing down the transfer of both heat and cold from the outside through the roof.

cargo container modular home

Cargo Container Modular Home - San Antonio

image courtesy of Poteet Architects

The ‘Container Modular House’ designed by Jim Poteet features full height glass doors and windows, opening up what is a narrow space, of only 8 feet wide, to the outdoor deck and garden beyond.

container modular home interior

Container Modular Home Interior - San Antonio

image courtesy of Poteet Architects

The unit has a bathroom with sink, shower and toilet tucked into one end, and a tidy kitchen area. The design reuses the containers' original door as a cantilever overhang to provide summer shade.

modular home deck - 40 foot shipping container

Modular Home Deck - San Antonio

image courtesy of Poteet Architects

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