Shipping Container Wetroom 

Making a small bathroom (seem) bigger

A wetroom is a great way to make a small bathroom look larger but in most instances full waterproofing and tiling is required as it is expected that all surfaces in the room will get wet. This is where the innate weatherproof qualities of  a shipping container can come into play to save you both time and money.

Leaving the interior walls exposed gives you a waterproof finish, without the extra time and effort to completely waterproof and tile the area, as well as a raw industrial finish (if this is look you like). 

Wetroom ensuite in San Fransciso Apartment with internal container pods

Image courtesy of Inthralld

External view - wetroom ensuite in San Fransciso Apartment 

Image courtesy of Inthralld

Wet room design considerations

If you are building a wet room over a traditional bathroom, the following still needs to be considered

  • The floor needs a gradient to ensure proper drainage, the shower can also drain to a strip drain/channel grate if preferred
  • Air extraction – extraction fan should vent to outside so that the moisture is not being transferred into your roof space
  • For the flooring use textured tiles, timber slats or similar to ensure a non-slip environment
  • Open shelving for towels needs to be facing away from splashes or be located up high to keep items dry.
  • Sealed doors on vanity cabinets are required to keep  bathroom items dry – consider using recessed cabinets
  • Use a wall hung toilet and consider how the toilet roll will stay dry
  • Underfloor heating adds comfort in winter but also helps to evaporate excess water, which can otherwise make the room humid
  • Consider where electrical fixtures  will go– power sockets and heated towel 

Alternatively, you can still go about your wetroom in a more traditional way - with full waterproofing and tiling, like the example above the Cargotecture 320 Nomad by HyBrid

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