Shipping Container Sizes

So you’ve decided that you want to track down some shipping containers to use for office space, accommodation or a building project.

Shipping container sizes come in what is known as ISO dimensions*, so that containers are made to standard sizes worldwide to for ease of transport and stacking by ship, rail and road.

*NOTE: There can still be slight differences in sizing between companies and countries, so take the time to get the exact measurements from the company that you are buying from if this is important to you prior to buying.

That said, intermodal containers do also come in a variety of standard sizes, dimensions and configurations depending on their intended use.

Exactly What Containers Do You Need?

shipping container sizes

Before you go tracking down some shipping containers to buy, you’ll need to decide:

  • What style/type of container you want – the most popular styles of container for building are a standard freight container, and the hi cube (taller) version of this container. More on the types of container styles available..
  • What size(s) you require – most common sizes are 20 and 40ft, but there are many variations available. What you select will also come down to the size and layout of space/rooms you need. See more details below..
  • Whether you will go with new or used shipping containersused containers are obviously cheaper, and in plentiful supply as a waste product, but depending on what they have been used for, they may need treatment. New containers are more expensive, but in as new condition if this is the finish you require.

Container Sizes..

Let’s look in more detail at the sizes of container and we’ll give you both the internal and external dimensions in both metric and imperial measurements.

  • 10 ft container / 10 foot high Q container
  • 45 foot container / 45 ft high cube

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