Shipping Container Playground

Skinner's Playground in the suburb of Port Melbourne, in Melbourne, Australia is the first shipping container playground that we've seen.

How about you? Have you visited a playground that utilised used cargo containers?

Skinner's Playground is only half an hour from where we live, so we visited the beach, just down the road, and then spent a few hours exploring and playing at Skinners.

Here's some pics from our visit..

recycled cargo container playground Melbourne

Skinner's Playground Melbourne

Skinner's Playground was designed by Phooey Architects and is a home to all things recycled, including a collection of re-purposed low-rider bikes (see above), and handcrafted outdoor games.

The playground sits behind high rise commission housing (government housing for low-income households) and was purpose built for the children of these buildings who do not have their own backyards.

Skinners Playground balcony view
reused shipping container stairs

The shipping containers have been used in their raw form, with Maersk branding visual in various places, in keeping with the repurposed ethos behind the concept.

Other container elements are also used in balcony, stair and pergola details. The actual container spaces are used as art rooms, breakfast rooms, and for other community activities as well as creating an upstairs balcony area.

recycled freight container playground Melbourne

The playground also features a half basketball court, dedicated kitchen area for community events, built in trampoline, plenty of slides and interesting play areas for kids.

If you want to visit the playground, be aware that it is locked outside of 'play hours', so you may want to check the opening hours at different times of the year.

Skinner's container playground
Skinners Playground Melbourne

Have you visited Skinner's Playground or another playground with a similar sustainable and recycled ethic?

We'd love to hear about it..

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