Unique Example of Shipping Container Housing - South Africa

This unique example of shipping container housing is full of unique and upcycled furniture thanks to the business of the husband and wife team who live here.

They believe strongly in the ‘ethos’ of recycling and upcycling which extends to right through the home including the use of cargo containers in novel ways.

shipping container housing, Silver Lakes, South Africa

Unique Shipping Container Housing, Silver Lakes, South Africa

Image courtesy of Top Billing

The project was conceptualised after an initial decision to use shipping containers as building blocks. Riaan Visser Architects were invloved, with Riaan being somewhat of an expert on container living after doing his thesis on that very subject.

Vertical Use of Containers

Front façade of the house faces towards the pool and is composed of three 6m long containers flipped onto their sides.

So if you've ever wondered whether shipping containers can be used vertically, here is the answer - a resounding yes!

The house has an industrial feel which carries right through the furniture and fittings into the exposed steel ribs of the container.

interior view vertical container house, Silver Lakes

Shipping Container Home, Interior, Vertical Container Reading Nook

Image courtesy of Top Billing

pool and raised external dining area - container house, South Africa

Unique Shipping Container Home, Pool and Raised External Dining Pod

Image courtesy of Top Billing

The fourth container acts as an ensuite to the guest bedroom, and literally 'plugs' into the building (see below).

Raised external dining pod - container home South Africa
Shipping container plugged into guest bedroom

Unique Shipping Container Home, Raised External Dining Pod and Container Bathroom

Image courtesy of Top Billing

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