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A collaboration between Infiniski (builders) and James and Mao (Architects) give us Casa Manifiesto (the Manifesto House), just one example of architecturally designed shipping container houses, located in Curacavi, Chile.

Manifiesto House - recycled container home

Images courtesy of Infiniski

The Manifesto house, makes use of recycled cargo containers, as well as palettes, train rails, repurposed metals and insulation which comes from recycled cellulose (newspaper) .  

The maritime shipping containers form the base module, but are cut and placed so that a total floor area of 160m2 is achieved with only 90m2 of containers.

The house uses 3 shipping containers that are aligned in a unique way to give a large glassed living area on the ground floor, with one container cut in half acting as the support to the upper level and framing this central space.

shipping container houses - Manifesto House, Chile

Images courtesy of Infiniski

Sustainable Architecture

Infiniski are a construction company based in Spain and Chile who specialize in sustainable architecture using recycled materials and with minimal carbon footprints.

Their designs are all responsive to their location and climate. For many locations in Spain and Chile, there are extremes of climate, most often heat, so the Manifesto building is designed in a similar way to traditional building forms, which close up during the day to keep the summer heat out, and then open up at night time to allow cooling breezes in.

The house uses the recycled pallets as a skin, which open and close depending on the weather, so that the house responds to its environment, as well as providing a unique aesthetic to the exterior.

In Winter the palettes used in the skin can be opened up to allow the sun to heat the metal skin of the building to the transfer heat to the inside, and in Summer the 'skin' provides shade from the sun.

 The recycled palettes feature as the cladding on one side of the house, while sustainable timber is used on the other.

exposed steel ribbing container house

Images courtesy of Infiniski

Internal walls have been left in the natural ribbed container aesthetic can be seen.


internal view container house

Images courtesy of Infiniski

Infiniski based in Madrid (Spain) and Santiago (Chile) have various shipping container homes, offices and modular options available.

They exhibit a range of cladding materials, and a quick build, producing buildings that are

  • Sustainable – retired shipping containers
  • Cheaper
  • Quick build – fast construction speed achieved through prefabrication
  • Modular
  • Prefabricated
  • Adaptable

No doubt we will be reviewing more of their projects!

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