Shipping Container Heaven

I have had a passion for architecture for about as long as I can remember.

As a kid the only thing I wanted to be was an architect, and I followed that course, getting a Bachelor of Architecture. These days I consider myself 'the frustrated architect' as I work in an unrelated field, yet still love building form.

My interest has always leaned towards the alternative, my final year thesis was on community architecture in indigenous Australia. In more recent times I helped some friends to build and render a strawbale house, along with a tribe of other people who donated their labour in its own form of 'community building'.

Why Shipping Containers?

I still recall seeing my first shipping container conversion ( close to 20 years ago) – the Futureshack by Sean Godsell, made a lasting impression on me, so much so that I revisited it recently.

The thought of recycling and having a perfectly structural modular unit to work with, makes ISO containers an ideal building material, although like most building components, they are not perfect – rust, insulation and size are just a few considerations.

If you are intrigued by the use of shipping containers as a building form, there are more and more popping up just about everywhere, meaning that with probably not too much effort you can probably stay at a container hotel or B & B somewhere to get a better feel for how the spaces work together, and the types of finishes being utilised.  

Container Heaven

I recently discovered what I can only describe as 'shipping container heaven' on a boat cruise that we took from Victoria Harbour in Melbourne through the docks of Melbourne at dusk.

 The experience gave me the bigger picture of containers and that used containers certainly have a ‘working life’ and a history attached to thembefore they are decommissioned to resurface as container conversions.

Me enjoying the view through Melbourne's docks - Shipping container heaven!

This site enables me to follow my passion and share it with you. If you are involved in an ISO container conversion I'd love to hear from you, and share in the challenges and successes of your project.

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