Port-a-Bach Relocatable Home

If you are nomadic by nature, but are looking for a more customized design that you can get in a caravan or campervan then consider a relocatable home designed in New Zealand and custom built in China called the Port-a-Bach.

Port-a-Bach container home - completely transportable

Port-a-Bach container home - spacious despite its small size

Image courtesy of AtelierWorkshop

The Port-a-Bach is unique in that the shipping container works as a relocatable pod, which simply folds up to be completely secure, ready to fit on the back of a standard container truck, able to be driven to the next location, or even shipped overseas.

Relocatable container home - Port-a-Bach

Relocatable container home - shutting up for relocation

Image courtesy of AtelierWorkshop

The unit comprises a single high top 20ft container (giving an internal cabin of 6.1 by 2.4 metres) which can be configured in different ways depending on the requirements of the individual.

The high top was chosen to give the extra foot (30cm) of ceiling height, which helps in opening up the space.

Bunk beds - supported by container doors

Port-a-Bach container home - bunk beds

Image courtesy of AtelierWorkshop

Internally it is fitted out with kitchen, bathroom with open shower, storage cupboards and composting toilet. 

The interior space is designed to be versatile so that bedrooms can be created when needed, and then a larger living space used during the day which opens out to the surrounding environment.

It can comfortably sleep 4 and has built in bunk beds, and a double bed which folds up when not in use.

It also has covers for the bunk end, and front deck to expand the living space even in inclement weather.

Portable home - Port-a-Bach front view

Portable home - Port-a-Bach front view

Image courtesy of AtelierWorkshop

The modular design and portability of the design make it ideal for disaster relief. It can be completely self sustaining, making it suitable to remote locations, and also having low environmental impact.


  • Composting toilet
  • Solar
  • Water

Can also be connected to the grid if services are available.

Port-a-Bach container home - view to open shower and onto front deck

Port-a-Bach container home - view to open shower and onto front deck

Image courtesy of AtelierWorkshop

The pod only needs 6 concrete footings and a fairly level area of ground to be placed on. This also adds to the portability of the units, they leave a tiny ‘footprint’ which is also non invasive and can be moved with the container unit.

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