Off The Grid Container Home
The Ecopod

Taking in all the benefits of being a tiny home this off the grid container home, office, weekend getaway or whatever you want it to be- uses a single shipping container to create a comfortable and contained space that can be easily transported.

Ecopods - modular and off the grid container conversion

Ecopod - modular housing

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Prefabricated Container Home

Ecopods are manufactured in a factory, and this prefabrication provides both quality control and a high level of craftsmanship.

The Ecopod maintains all of its original shipping container parts, including a flip deck which opens and close depending on whether the unit is in use or not.

Being a 20’ by 8’ shipping container at its core, it is also highly secure, allowing it be locked up safely, for months at a time if necessary.

Ecopod units can be custom designed and added to with further units to accommodate a family.

Taking the recycle, reduce and reuse ethos to its extreme, the Ecopod comes with many recycled components, combined with a low carbon footprint and energy saving innovations.


  • Rubber Flooring – using recycled rubber tyres
  • Supertherm – insulative interior wall finish and soy based blown insulation in the walls and ceiling cavity providing an R value of R-9
  • Glass doors are double glazed to reduce heat los
  • Composting Toilet
  • 80 watt Solar Panel – to power fridge, radio and lighting and a battery to hold power

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