My Storage Container Home

In the beginning…

So I suppose the beginning is a good place to start in the tale of my storage container home.. so for a bit more about my background, and love of architecture, community building and ‘upcycling’ in building- you're better to jump to the 'About page’ and then return here.

The Dream to Build Sustainably..

The starting point- a house in the leafy suburb of Eltham, traditionally the home of mudbrick building in Melbourne. 
It is a house that has ‘good bones’ but was built in the 1950's and has only had minor work done.

In short:

  • It has north facing living areas - that can be expanded on
  • Leaky  windows - which will be replaced by double glazing
  • Needs an extra bathroom and study/bedroom - where the container fits into the picture

House prior to container extension

The Plan

The first stage of the project (aside from replacing those leaky windows) is going to be creating an office space / guest bedroom/ensuite out of a converted shipping container.

Currently the main considerations are 

  • Getting the proposal through planning

  • Whether to join the container to the house, or keep it as a separate building

  • How to insulate and clad the container (if at all)

  • How to detail a roof garden

  • Whether to build a polished concrete floor (for passive solar gain) or a timber floor

Materials to source/investigate for the project are

  • a shipping container (possibly pre insulated)
  • materials for a green roof (with local plant species)
  • double glazed doors/windows to north
  • wetroom style ensuite

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