Living Off The Grid

If you’re interested in living off the grid, then you’ve probably already come across some shipping container houses, as they lend themselves to remote locations which may otherwise by difficult to build on.

Some off the grid homes make simple use of a single shipping container to produce a tidy self-contained holiday shack. Other homes have a more complex arrangement of containers and are a more complex combination of shipping containers as well as other materials.

Ecopod - living off the grid

Compact, self sufficient and adaptable


Off the grid shipping container home


Using Passive Solar Principles

Important in any off the grid home is to make the best use of passive solar design principles and to utilize on site features where possible which will involve considering:

  • Natural ventilation
  • Good solar orientation
  • Cladding that improves thermal performance
  • Water collection and storage

The more passive systems that can be incorporated into the design, the less power will be required to run any ‘active’ systems that may be required.

Obviously size is a major consideration here too, as the larger the spaces in your home are, the more energy is generally required to light, heat and cool them.

More considerations on living off the grid

Share Your Container Story

Have you converted (or are in the process of converting) a container into an office, home, or something unique? Or perhaps you've seen a great example in your area. We'd love to hear your story!

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