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This interesting shipping container architectural studio backyard office cost only $1800 for the core structure which started its life as a 40 foot insulated shipping container which had been dropped.

Once shipping containers have a ceratin amount of damage, or have been repaired a number of times they are no longer seen as meeting the required ISO standard, so they will be decommissioned and sold off.

Usually an insulated container will cost more than this, but as you can see by watching the video, it is still perfectly usable for a building project.

Insulated containers are aluminium on the outside and food grade stainless steel inside with high grade plastic/foam insulation in between. Generally they are used for shipping fresh foods and on board a ship will be powered to provide a stable temperature for the foods being transported.

In use as a building material the container provides a well insulated modular building unit that is ready for customising. In this case the container was cut in half and laid in an 'L' shape to frame a courtyard area.

A good look at a DIY shipping container project, even if the owners are involved in the building industry.

Enjoy the video!

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