Container Home within a Home

This is Bunny Lane, another great container home by Adam Kalkin, which has the unique approach of placing a home within a home. 

As someone who (long ago) owned a Barbie House, one end of the interior of this home is somewhat reminiscent of the view I used to get of the bedrooms in that particular home. 

Each room is a container, in total nine of them all stacked neatly and with all being glassed internally so that each room is framed and open to the main living area which is three stories high. 

Bunny House - interior view of 9 stacked containers, each a room with a view.

Bunny Lane Interior - stacked containers

Image Courtesy of Inhabitat

Three Storey Living Area

The living space opens to the outside with the use of industrial style roller doors, just like the fire station, which can completely open the space up to the outside. 

Bunny House - view of original home housed within steel shed.

Bunny House - original home

Image courtesy of Inhabitat

The other end of the home houses a perfectly preserved traditional two storey timber New Jersey home - the original family home which has been left intact, complete with its porch facing into the new living space. 

Exterior Bunny Home

External view of Bunny House by Adam Kalkin

Bunny House Exterior

Image courtesy of Inhabitat

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