Shipping Container Homes and Accommodation

So can we really live in shipping container homes?

Are they an affordable and viable form of building, or are shipping container conversions really only suitable for temporary and emergency accommodation?

Vibrant  storage container home interior - Kansas City, Missouri

Images courtesy of HomeContained

Shipping Container Living is here to find out just that!

So if you're interested in alternative architecture, living off the grid, or the experience of really living in a metal box - then welcome!

Join me, to see some creative homes and building projects as well as  learning just about everything there is to know about shipping containers and how a waste material can be transformed into both a beautiful and functional building form.

It All Starts With The Humble Cargo Container..

Shipping, storage, intermodal, ISO or cargo containers, were once the domain of importers and exporters, and for those who wanted to move overseas and take all their stuff with them!

These days we see them being used for...

Image courtesy of Poteet Architects

Shipping container conversions are gaining in popularity as people realise that ISO cargo containers have a number of great attributes for building.

They are;

  • Standard sizes (modular) – means they can easily fit together (a bit like Lego!)
  • Cheap and easy to obtain– compared to many other building materials

  • Strong and durable – as well as being weatherproof

  • Easy to move
  • A waste material that be readily recycled

So if you’re in any way interested in alternative architecture, getting off the grid, or perhaps you just want to create a temporary home (while you build something fancier!), then yes the humble ‘shipping container’ could be the answer!

I will be undertaking my own conversion, it may be on a small scale to start with, but the aim is to come across the potential hurdles in terms of design, using specific materials, the potential pitfalls of using second hand or used shipping containers as opposed to new ones, as well as the minefield that is planning regulations and local councils.

Is it Really Architecture?

So can shipping container homes be accepted in mainstream society as a reconised and accepted building form?

If you’ve built a container home, or are in the process of a conversion, I’d love to hear from you to get some insight and detail of your experiences -the good the bad, and yes even the ugly, as this is one of the issues, creating something aesthetically pleasing out of what is pretty much a metal box.

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Can containers really be used to create beautiful living space?
In short, YES, and there are plenty of I'd like to show you along the way...

So why do I have such an interest in shipping container architecture?

What can I say, I have somewhat of a long and enduring love/hate relationship with architecture, see more about why on the About page..

Enjoy this website and your journey in building whatever passion project it is that keeps you awake at night!

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